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What is phpShout?

phpShout is a PHP5 Extension that wraps around the libshout library available at LibShout is used in conjunction with an Icecast server to create a streaming Internet radio station from your own music files. With phpShout, PHP developers can create web-based streaming jukebox applications, without worrying about the details of streaming the audio data. LibShout handles all the metadata updates, data timing, and ensuring that no bad data gets to the Icecast server.

Once such Web Jukebox application being developed is phpRadio, using phpShout as its backend audio streaming technology!


phpShout-0.9.1 Released
<div class="markdown_content"><p>phpShout has been used and worked enough that it is almost ready for version 1.0! phpShout is following the common open-source versioning convention of stable even-numbered releases and development odd-numbered releases. SO, the version 0.9 series represents the 1.0 release candidates. If no major bugs are found in the 0.9 series, it will become 1.0.</p></div>
phpShout-0.3 Released
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Due to some overlooked variations between libshout 2.0 and 2.1, phpShout is not compatible with libshout version 2.0 and below. Thus, phpShout now requires libshout version 2.1 or greater to be installed.</p> <p>This change is now reflected in the build phase of phpShout version 0.3 and all RPMs built on version 0.3</p></div>
phpShout-0.2.2 Bugfix Release
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Another day, Another patchlevel! Rick Kuzik discovered yet another bug in phpShout's configure script. Recent changes broke configure's ability to detect the location of shout.h and include it in the CFLAGS for building.</p></div>
phpShout-0.2.1 Bugfix Release
<div class="markdown_content"><p>A bug was found in config.m4 that caused the configure script to not detect installations of libshout version 2.0 correctly. Users of libshout version 2.1 and greater are not affected by this bug.</p> <p>Down this maintenace release if you use libshout version 2.0 and the configure script cannot detect your installation of libshout.</p></div>


phpinfo() screenshot
phpinfo() output with the phpShout extension loaded
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