Download phpShout

Fedora 5 and 6 Users

phpShout is available from the Fedora Extras yum repository. To get phpShout, simply run: yum install php-shout

phpShout requires PHP 5

Other Versions


The latest and (usually) greatest source code to phpShout is kept in a Subversion repository on the servers

Step 1: Check out the Latest Source

This will check out the latest version of the phpShout source code into a folder named 'phpshout' svn co

Step 2: Prepare the Source

All external PHP extensions have to be 'phpize'd by your local version of PHP before they are compiled to ensure API compatibility with your version of the Zend engine. Make sure you install your distribution's php-development package to get the phpize binary. cd phpshout

Step 3: Congfigure, Make, and Install!

If your libshout is installed in a non-standard location, specify the location as shown
/usr/ and /usr/local/ are searched by default ./configure [--with-shout=/path/to/libshout/]
make install

Step 4: Later, Updating is easy

If, later, you want to update your copy of the code to the newest version in the Subversion repository: cd phpshout
svn update
Then repeat step 3 to build and install the latest code!
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